True Currency

In our fast paced modern world, we collectively spend so much time and energy just trying to manage our days that we often lose sight of the real meaning of our daily lives.

In the summer in Minnesota, I am reminded daily, as I pick food from my garden and enjoy the warm weather that life’s simplicity is where our true currency lies.

With so many people connected to the internet, desks, cars, smartphones and social media, there is a strong push to make more, consume more, produce more and want more-but to what end?
How many people do you know who are truly enjoying their life right now?
How many people do you know who have a strong spiritual connection?
How many people do you know who have a solid moral compass?
In this push to seek beyond the present moment of our experience, we are missing our lives.

Recently, a friend of mine passed suddenly, which was a shock. He was my age and it made me take pause again-as death does-of what truly matters.
Love Matters. Breath Matters. Hearts Matter. Water Matters. Soil Matters. The Sun Matters. Fire Matters. Plants Matter. Animals Matter. Health Matters. The Moon Matters. The Stars Matter. Families Matter. Friends Matter. Time Spent Connecting to All of These Matters.
The endless amount of resources we waste seeking money or things, ultimately have very little intrinsic value. You will not be at the end of your life wishing you would have gotten that new thing. You will contemplate your Connections, your Dreams, and your Beloveds.

Everyday, I am practicing being a better person. It is a practice. And as I do, I shed more and more layers of distraction away from Life’s True Currency.